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Thanks, gakuseidon. But you read my ...

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There's also what was happening in ...

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Double thanks for your resource.

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Dear Jim,
Why don't you start ...

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Thanks Bernard for your insights. I ...

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Dear Jim,

Mark 13 is ...

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What is your take on Robert ...

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Hello Geoff,

Paul's language is ...

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29 Aug 2014 
Carrier is quick to put forward his convoluted mythicist assumptions in interpreting the verse, leading to ambiguities. When, for a historicist, this verse can be simply understood.

mullerb · 34 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
25 Aug 2014 
I reproduced the whole text of Carrier's text in OHJ on the matter, with many of my notes against his arguments.

mullerb · 55 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
20 Aug 2014 
Carrier pretends (wrongly) a calculation from a prophecy in 'Daniel' pointing to 30 CE for Christ's crucifixion by (third century CE Christian apologist) Africanus, is simple and straightforward and could have been imagined by Jews before the fact.

mullerb · 60 views · 0 comments
13 Aug 2014 
Carrier's rating for Jesus in the Rank-Raglan scale, according to two gospels, makes the mythical option very suspect due to the short time for evolution from a strictly heavenly deity to an (alleged) fictional ultimate hero on earth.

mullerb · 72 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
07 Aug 2014 
Divide and conquer: Dr. Carrier thinks the theories about the mythical Jesus is one only, and compares its probability with one kind (among others) of historicist's Jesus and then proclaim equal odds. From "On The Historicity of Jesus" (OHJ)

mullerb · 87 views · 0 comments
03 Aug 2014 
Thanks to the effort of R.H. Charles, the hypothesis, that the 'Vision of Isaiah' started with a Jewish original Greek text which got interpolated differently by Docetist Christians, can be postulated.

mullerb · 102 views · 0 comments
31 Jul 2014 
I think the scoring of Carrier for Jesus on the Rank-Raglan scale, according to Matthew's & Mark's gospels is greatly exaggerated.

mullerb · 92 views · 0 comments
20 Jul 2014 
Another dubious claim by Carrier in OHJ, trying to explain the origin of Jesus' passion story.

mullerb · 109 views · 1 comment
Categories: First category
20 Jul 2014 
Carrier, in his book "On The Historicity of Jesus" (OHJ), describes the "minimal theory of historicity" as not plausible from the start, making his minimal mythicism look better as the alternative.

mullerb · 87 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
19 Jul 2014 
Carrier's brief explanations are greatly flawed (what's new?) and here is why.

mullerb · 78 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
17 Jul 2014 
In his book 'On The Historicity Of Jesus' (OHJ), Carrier argued that "woman" in Galatians 4:4 is not a real woman but an allegorical one. I disagree and commented in-situ on Carrier's passage about it.

mullerb · 86 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
16 Jul 2014 
The two arguments of Carrier in a nut shell about "James, the brother of the Lord" not being Jesus' blood brother: he was either John's brother or just a lesser Christian!

mullerb · 95 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
14 Jul 2014 
I demonstrated there is no evidence that "brothers of the Lord", with a familial & spiritual/honorary meaning, was what Paul or his Christians (about themselves) believed, despite Carrier's objections.

mullerb · 86 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
29 Jun 2014 
Misleading subtitle and Carrier's generosity X factor

mullerb · 80 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
29 Jun 2014 
It is based on assumptions from the get go.

mullerb · 82 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
04 May 2014 
A simple analysis demonstrates that "Mark" did not say it, just dubiously hinted it through a few ambiguous words.

mullerb · 46 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
03 May 2014 
A typical example on how Jesus' extraordinary feats were contrived.

mullerb · 37 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
02 May 2014 
Was the disturbance in the temple something that "Mark" found embarrassing but felt compelled to tell because believed true (as told by eyewitness(es)) and in order to bring an air of authenticity to his gospel?

mullerb · 46 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
16 Apr 2014 
This is according to my study about the historical context of Jesus' life.

mullerb · 57 views · 0 comments
Categories: First category
30 Mar 2014 
According to the available evidence, that would be most unlikely.

mullerb · 153 views · 0 comments
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